‎Just Keep Moving

Photo Credit: Cloverleaf Christian Centre UK
Nothing is rewarding but something brings it
When you give in for the strength to drive along
Enlargement will come through with a push
Give it a try, try, try, try, keep trying to thrive
Many will fall by the way but don’t feel derail
When some give up, all you need is just a push up
That strength to wither the wilderness weather
Just keep going to get to that point of growing
 The dream land is narrow than a bone marrow
Tiny like a piece of sand, big like the world
Empty like the mirror, filled up like the ocean
That is of life with no definite start of no end
Making everyone running up for what it’s not
If you can face it, why won’t you make it?
Life is just another man with a no figure
Your ability to be strong bring about yes
Don’t be tired, don’t give up, success takes time
What takes time required a patient time
Never say never, Don’t say it’s over
At the point of living, you can be giving
Another stake to be the one for great living
With the power to drive on, you will arrive
Take this life like a Trevo, Receive your nutrient
The nutrient to be charged for good life
The fall of the sky is not for only you alone
We are here to race, you will triumph with grace
Whatever the stake to take! Just keep moving


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