4 Days To Go: Coll’s Long-Standing “Olympic Goal” Record

The goal came at Chile 1962 against respected goalkeeper Lev Yashin

It is now 56 years since Coll scored the World Cup's sole "Olympic goal" | Storiespreschool


The 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia is drawing ever nearer – with just 4 days to go! Now that the World Cup is around the corner, Top Media Nigeria have been taking a closer look at different memories from the history of the tournament each day. Today, our pick is one outstanding effort.

Columbia midfielder, Marcos Coll’s “Olympic goal” (direct corner kick goal) against the Soviet Union (now Russia) is a record that still stands today.

Coll scored the only “Olympic goal”, beating legendary goalkeeper Lev Yashin in a 4–4 draw in Chile 1962.

Although, the world record holder for most direct corner kick goals is Turkish player, Sükrü Gülesin, none of his 32 direct corner kick goals is a World Cup goal.

The ball, shot by Cesáreo Onzari , scores a goal for Argentina against
Uruguay. This was the first goal scored direct from a corner, in 1924. | CONMEBOL.com

Cesáreo Onzara was the first footballer to send a corner kick directly into the back of the net. That was in 1924. Like all Gülesin’s “Olympic goals”, Onzari’s too was not in a senior FIFA World Cup tournament.

Colombia, making their World Cup debut at the World Cup in Chile, were trailing 4-1 against Soviet Union before Coll grabbed a goal back for his side in stunning fashion. Coll’s “Olympic goal” would go on to inspire the Colombians, who fought back to earn a remarkable share of the spoils.

Colombian Marcos Coll, in June of 1962, won a place in the history of the World Cup for famously scoring the only Olympic goal in any FIFA World Cup | FIFA.com

In an interview, Coll claimed he aimed for the goal as the Colombian players were too short compared to their Russian opponents. Coll also said it was the first and only time he ever tried to score a goal from that position.

Colombia would go on to exit their maiden World Cup at the group stage, but their Chile ’62 will always be remembered for Coll’s history-making “Olympic goal”.

Will anyone break Late Coll’s record in Russia?


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