7 Picks For The Hollywood Movies You Just Can’t Miss This Season

Some of these terrific films will be out soon. Brace up!

A scene from Breaking In CREDIT: common sense media
In an era where viewing of broadcast TV especially by young ones is dwindling, nothing will ever replace movies.
We are in the period of the unofficial start of the summer movie season. Hence, the spate of high-profile releases is normal.
Whether you fancy action, comedy, adventure, crime, drama or historical films, there are certain films that are undeniably must-sees. They give you unforgettable stories as well as characters.
Below are some of the excellent Hollywood movies one should never miss. Some are already out, some are yet to:
Henson, as usual, is intensely captivating CREDIT: Shadow And Act
This movie stars Taraji P. Henson and is produced by Tyler Perry Studios. It is about the rage of a jealous woman who decides not to stick by her husband anymore after he cheated on her. If you know Tyler Perry, you’d know this movie is worth watching.
Theatrical release poster. Due for release
This upcoming romantic comedy drama is about a white lady in a relationship with an Asian guy who turns out to be from a billionaire family. The guy takes her to meet his parents and drama ensues…
The film is scheduled to be released by Sony Pictures Releasing on July 20, 2018. CREDIT: geekinsider.com
The film is sequel to The Equalizer. Of course, Denzel Washington is the star of the movie and he avenges the death of his colleague in this story. This movie is absolutely worth it.
Mission: Impossible – Fallout will open in theaters on July 27, 2018. CREDIT: superherohype.com
This is a 6th sequel to the Mission Impossible series. Still, Tom Cruise performed in the film and his loyalty is questioned in this chain after a mission goes wrong.
Theatrical release poster
Starring Gabrielle Union, the thriller film earned Union plaudits. Union who is on vacation with her kids in her recently deceased father’s house get attacked by looters. She shows viewers the extent a mother goes to protecting her children – just like the hen does with its chicks. It justifies the saying: “Hell hath no fury like the love of a mother”.
Theatrical release poster
Hotel Artemis is about a nurse who treat criminals who are members-only, in her hospital in a riot-torn, near future Los Angeles.
This one story is worth watching! CREDIT: collider.com

This unmissable movie a remake of the 1973 Papillon. It is about a man who plans his escape when he is falsely accused and imprisoned on a remote island. Starring Charlie Hunnam, Rami Malek, Yorick Van Wageningen, Roland Moller, Tommy Flanagan and Eve Hewson, the play promises a riveting, real-life parisian prison drama!

Compiled by: Lateefah Omoyosola Yusuf, Creative Director, ILLA
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