After The Rain

After The Rain
Photo Courtesy: Leadership Newspapers

Dark cloud looming, heat out is just the feeling

Sun off the raider, the breeze is serenely cooling

Like the mild soul up the hill of our own lover’s eye

This moment brings comfort to the mind of the world

Where the signal goes beyond fighting one another

Our ancestors meant well by the power of the pour


After the rain, here comes the best rest of our soul

With the strength weakened during this nature call

You will be surprised to see your heart, cool and calm

Driving the troubles of the world apart to a solo rest

Nothing is as cool to the heart like the heavy downpour

We all find solace to keep our troubles when it started


Water! Our world best friend like fire to the deadly devil

Destruction is of the wicked; harmony is of the good minds

Receiving our inspiration from the fall of the rain up above

Nobody won’t be happy when it is time for this world wants

Our strength from water, our body full of its manifestation

For every occupation, water drives our zeal to great outcome


Raining time brings about the harvest of growth to vegetation

Even the wild land witnesses more greening in there kingdom

Famine now gone to the dust with art and craft of heavy farming

Where man gives in to nature by hitting more targets for offspring

Ask every lover; raining time is not the best of time to keep malice

You will be forced to swallow your pride for the naughty lover’s play


After the rain, here comes the best rest of our soul to bless our world

After the rain, we will all be cool for more strength to carry on along

After the rain, the world will witness bountiful harvest of greening

After the rain, festival of food and vegetation will be up in the air

After the rain, here comes harmony, love and affections of the heart

After the rain, the surface of the world to witness freshness anew!

– © Abdul Hameed Adetola Abiodun (kabiyesi)

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