Aphrodisiacs, Sobotone, Ponkiriyon, I Don’t Need Them. My Sexual Performance Is Excellent!

Sexual performance-enhancing herbs/pills or nil. Our readers speak.

Herbal concoction for men who crave for sexual enhancers | Nairaland

Herbal concoction and libido boosters are getting increasingly popular amongst young adults and sexually active men. The aim is mainly to boost their sexual prowess. Men are expected to be in charge sexually and it is due to satisfying female partner that the use of aphrodisiacs comes in. Increasingly so, vendors of aphrodisiacs in their variants spring up day by day within Nigerian cities.

Just as there are local variants of aphrodisiacs, such as a mixture of local gin and herbs, which come in forms called Agbo Gbogbonise, Sepe or Paraga, there are also well packaged industrially-made variants in packets of pills, or tablet such as Spanish fly, Enpulse, Vimax, Virillis, M-Energex, High T, Male X and those in liquid forms like Alomo Bitters to mention a few.

While the likes of Sepe and Paraga have its target consumers made up of the mass of not-too-educated persons like bus drivers, mechanics, labourers and the likes, packaged variants such as Vimax, High T and Virillis reaches to the elite.

However, one thing is common. Whether for the low class or elites, the users or buyers of both variants of libido boosters have the same goal –  to sexually satisfy their partner(s).

Aphrodisiac, derived from the Greek goddess ‘Aphrodite’, the goddess of love and sexual desire, is a substance that increases sexual desire or that helps stimulate arousal or enhance sexual performance.

According to researchers, aphrodisiac is made from both herbal and other kinds of materials in foods, drinks and chemical drugs. And it is used in order to stimulate arousal, treat sexual dysfunction, and make intercourse for men (and also women) more pleasurable.

Though sexual performance-enhancing drugs were traditionally designed to rectify erectile dysfunction, the case today is different, as most men who use it do so with the mindset of showing their ‘might’ over their partner during intercourse.

Top Media Nigeria ask our readers if they subscribe to taking sexual performance-enhancing herbs or pills.

Here are their comments:

Yisah Ahmed Bright, Communicator

I can’t! Pills are not advisable to youths between the ages of 20 and 60 years. But it can be used by a person of 60 to 100 years. This is because pills can damage immune system, which may lead to stroke before someone that is young even clock 50. At 60, an adult immune system is already weak. So someone of this age bracket can use it.

Onayemi Yusuf, System/Network Engineer

No. I won’t because I believe aphrodisiacs is not ideal. It can cause me more harm than good. I think what we need is just to be healthy. After that, every other thing will be fine.

Yisola Ayanbode, Teacher

I can’t say for now. But I think it depends on the type of partner you have.
If your man/or lady loves sex too much and you can’t perform well with him or her, in order to save your home/marriage, one can use sexual performance-enhancing pills or drugs so that you can satisfy your partner. It may even reduce the rate of adultery.

David Okedara, Building Engineer/Contractor

I don’t need aphrodisiacs because I am fully complete, and my performance is excellent.
In my opinion, pills are best when they are used moderately. I mean taking them in their right proportion.
Herbs has no proportion, thus, abuse is inevitable.

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Ewunuga Sherrifdeen, Doctor

To me, none is good. But in cases of erectile dysfunction, pills are meant for correction – not long term use. The same thing applies to those using herbs. It should be for short term. If they continue with both pills and/or herbs, it will get to a time that they suppose to have natural erection but will find it difficult. And if they use pills or herbs, they won’t last or have erection except they multiply or increase the quantity of pills taken.

Rukayat Daud, Couturier

For me, no, because the disadvantage is usually severe.

Sadiq Kayode Yusuf, Content Writer

I won’t. I don’t ever think I need it. Maybe I think I have optimum performance without it.

Foyoyin Joke, Self-Employed

According to the believe of many guys, they do say “herbs is more better for enhancing sextual appetite”. Besides, I could hardly hear them speak about sexual enhancing pills.

Fisayomi, Student

No, this is because I think I’m doing fine sexually. Plus those pills have side effects thereafter.

Mrs Nzobo, Medical Laboratory Scientist and lecturer

No I will not. This is because aphrodisiacs contains some elements that have negative effect on the pituitary gland.
I will rather keep myself busy acquiring knowledge about natural way of enhancing my performance.

Saheed Adesina, IT Engineer

No. But could take herb if there is a complain that there is a need for improvement from my better half.

Ayomide Michael Jayeoba, Journalist

Although, I have never used either of the two before but if I am to consider the side effects that too much intake of pills which are made from mixture of chemical substances have on the body organs especially the liver and the kidney, I will say I prefer sex enhancement herb to pills.
Here are my reasons:
It is the general belief that herbal medicine is way better because it has less chemicals and it has less side effects. Pills these days have a lot of toxic chemicals and heavy metals in them making them more harmful than healthier to the body system.

Sex drugs | Daily Times Nigeria

For instance, in most parts of Asia where herbs are commonly taken, the life expectancy of the people in those areas are much more higher than in African countries which used to be the hub of herbal medicines before westernisation. It has been discovered that men who are addicted to the use sex enhancement pills are at higher risk of having liver damage.

Also, pills cost more, and according to research by the World Health Organisation, pills are the third leading cause of deaths in the world. Herbal medicines have been around for thousands of years, and have saved more lives, than people give them credit for.

Bisola, Health worker

Someone that is already sexually active won’t take such. A lady that undergoes female genital mutilation may have problem with her libido and be advised to take it, so as to boost her libido. And some other factors might make a man or woman to take it. But it is very wrong for someone that is sexually active already to take pill. Taking it is drug abuse.

Badrudeen Hafees Adekunle, Banker

It is not good for a man to rely on any substance to be a good performer. You know the problem is that of course, unsatisfied sex will certainly affect the marriage but the question is for how long will they rely on substance to have good sex?  Remember, marriage is a life-time thing. So, at a point in time, the body will get addicted to the substance and become less effective and in fact the body may worn out.

Moreover, it has some health effects which could be dangerous in the future especially to the man. If they are married, they can seek the intervention of a counselor or a good doctor. It is better for unmarried persons to stay unmarried especially on the side of the woman. It can be frustrating when she can’t get enough sex as craved. Conclusively, I wouldn’t rely on any substance to have a good sexual performance.


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