Figure of radiant dark, soft and awesome
This definition above is not for an eagle
Nor it is for the appearance of a peacock
Not even for the tendered skin black rabbit
But for a beauty dare to compare from here
Elegant in steps, counting it in gradual style
As she does, her buttock dazzles along too
Saying a silent yes to the structure of beauty
Well created with lovely skin like a radiant sun
Have you ever come across the beautiful bird?
Singing in melodious voice to bless her nature
What about the beautiful lovely eagle mother
As appealing as the flesh of an African peacock
Welcoming the new day with smiles like diamond
Her standing breast firm like the unplugged apple
Calling for those with the heart that deserves love
Not just love but such to be build around oneness
Lovely cheeks so smooth like the earth smooth way
With her welcoming dimple falling like a river dive
Going and appearing as the coming August rainfall
Through this beauty, I see wonders to write and ponder
What about the gap between her shining structured teeth
A moderate one separating her white dazzling upper teeth
Beauty beyond measure, the African home made princess
Koroshin of our time in beautiful appealing lovely figure
Eleyinju ege, her eyes speaks volume of beauty undiluted
Ibadi Aran, loads of her sitting pot in great good shape
‎Fitting into the lovely curve of an Asian biggest paw paw
Her round  Glittering eyeballs , charming and captivating
With soft spoken words coming from her mouth in tone
Her hair in full plot like the heavy branded Arabian regalia
It falls aback, shining through the sun to give light to life
What more to say than beauty to behold is from my home
No place fits such Queen in black beauty than an African soil
Poet, Safiu Abdulhameed
Abdulhameed Safiu
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