Bet You Haven’t Watched These Movies!

Grasp how retro these are...

The NeverEnding Story is a West German epic fantasy film based on the novel of the same name by Michael Ende |



There are few of my peers who can testify to have watched this movie! This movie, I think feature Ghanaian and Nigerian actors. I recollect Bob Manuel starring.

Bob Manuel lit up Scout | Udokwu Bob Manuel Twitter

It was a martial art film with so many guns.

Scout is the only Nigeria movie till date that I have watched and got thrilled.

The movie’s storyline centred on camping scouts who came across a gang of poachers that were looking for their ivory tusk.

The poachers went after the scouts when they noticed their presence nearby. They thought the scouts might know the whereabouts of the tusk. The scouts were attacked and they had to get some martial arts lessons to resist attacks and defend themselves.

I still recall Scouts’ song which I sing anytime I am in a forest-like environment: “Zingabo zingabo oh zingabo”


The Neverending Story is a fairytale that is well-loved by children |

Not much do I remember from this movie except for a bison named Falkor and a little boy named Atreyu. Atreyu is the little boy reading a book that later became reality.

In the end, there was massive destruction of land by hurricane, the beast searching for Atreyu and Artreyu looking for his flying bison.


Kudrat Ka Kanoon is a Hindi movie released as far back as 1987. The movie is directed by K.C | Times of India

An ancient Bollywood movie that treats government corruption. A man was sent to jail over crimes he was innocent about.

He served his jail term only to return home to the disappointment of finding his wife in forced prostitution.

The wife was coerced by the same government officials that conspired against him.

I bet most Yoruba film enthusiasts would have watched the adaptation of this story.

Taiwo Hassan’s (Ogogo) ‘Abule Sowo’ (Land Grabber) is closely-related in terms of storyline. The concluding part of ‘Ibinu Elewon’ (Anger of a prisoner) too.

However, they still do not match viewing the indian version.

You cannot hate Bollywood for the emotions they put into their plays and their trademark songs to corroborate their storylines.


‘Winners takes all’ is a Chinese adaptation of “catch me if you can”. A vengeful woman, a young swindler and a determined inspector try all their possible best to catch a well-known con.

The movie was released in the early 2000 and all I can remember from the story line is the comedy and those action scenes resembling 2015 film, “Now You See Me”. Except that there are no magical tricks.

Feel free to add yours to the list!

By: Agunbiade AbdGafar Olanrewaju


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