Rolling the ball aback to our history
The building was with a better feet
Check and balances was in the check
With rooted smiles of greatness assured
The birth of our Nation is hope to nations
When the giant accolades really worth it
We live amidst bountiful and love for oneness
The love of money changed the atmosphere
Our singing birds now turning to town criers
No one could say this is the fault for a change
What about the memory? the beginning was real
Full of life, hope, like that of our historical 93′
Here is the sudden change for a nation with all
A nation with nothing but God’s hand of harvest
Green is our land from West, South, North, East
Cool is the feelings but now come the bad heat
Where did we get it wrong, so pathetic a change
Now hitting us like the heat from the Goldsmith
Our dream shattered like that of the dying bird
With a feather like Eagle but can’t move an inch
The rights of every human now part of the regrets
We are neither treated like citizens nor aliens here
Our fathers’ land turning to a dry land amidst greed
Before the eyes of our leaders, what a painful state
Here is the time to join the history of great change
The heart of light is on for all to join with our voices
Break the silence on Police brutality and torture
Until a suspect is charged guilty, no no to torture
A national database will foster growth to progress
What of the National emergency number we need it
No vote for politicians or party with no love at heart
The love for our country surpasses love for one
Not forgetting the pledges in our Nation pledge
Socio-economic rights should stand as a fact
Making it fundamental will grow the economy
With the birth of truthful and worthy democracy
Break The Silence Nigeria for the future of all
With your voice, my voice, our voice for Nigeria
Historical change will be here for peace and love
Break The Silence Nigeria, the time is right now!
Top Media Nigeria Poet, Hameed
Abdulhameed O. Safiu
© Copywright 2019

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