Being someone’s BFF is a big deal – you don’t hand over the other half of your “Best Friend’s” bracelet to just anyone.

Having a romantic partner who is also your best friend potentially sounds perfect. With your BFF as your romantic partner, you get the best of both worlds, someone with whom you can laugh, share your life and cuddle.

Can you go for a two-in-one relationship? We ask our readers:

There is nothing as sweet as getting married to your best friend – Udofia Anibiet

Can I marry my close friend ???

It’s something that one must think twice in order not to marry out of pity. I can marry my close friend based on some factors and things seen in her during our friendship.

I can marry my close friend in the sense that, I would have studied her behaviours, her weaknesses and strengths. Also, I would have known how she react to issues at any given point in time. I’d know if she is a pretender when it comes to relationship because during our friendship, she would have showed me her true colours. It’s now left to me to choose her or not if her behaviour is best for me.

Furthermore, there are some things that I need do like trying not to mix friendship with relationship because during our friendship, we might handle some issues with levity hands, and might want to keep certain things to oneself. But when courting, one need to come out straight to what I think is best for us.

In addition, marrying my close friend goes a long way because both parties would have studied each other, know what we can do to wrong each other and know the corrective measures to reunite!
I think a relationship/marriage is about two different people from different backgrounds coming together to become friends, which I’m of the opinion that, marrying or dating my best friend is good – Ibrahim

I can’t date or marry my very close or best friend because he feels more like a sibling to me. Then, we might mistake our closeness for love and eventually find out later on that the feeling we had wasn’t that of lovers but of true and genuine friendship. Though it works for some people but to me, it feels odd. – Damilola

Yes, I can date and marry my best female friend. I have dated one before during my years in school and I regret letting her go because I felt I lost. Though I have gotten over it but I still miss her. She knows me better and I just let her off so easily to marry another man. – Femi

Yeah, of course I can marry my close friend. The main reason behind courtship before marriage is to get to know one’s partner well, to know her likes and dislikes so as to affirm if such partner is a suitable pair to spend the rest of one’s life with. It’s so obvious that almost all attributes of one’s close friend will be known and perhaps if such close friend attributes is all I’m looking for in my future soulmate and we have affection for each other, then it will be a blessing for us to get married to each other, as we will live with utmost love and understanding. – Ridwan

Yes! Because I already know what he/she can tolerate. – Yetunde

Of course I can. My present relationship is with my friend. Though I had tried some before but didn’t work due to some reasons. Yet if it doesn’t work with those, I am very sure it will work with the present one I am with.
Befriending someone and dating the person is two sides of a coin.
When you two are bosom friends, there are some attitudes or actions you might never pay attention to or read meanings to. But as soon as you start dating, you start giving cognizance to those attitudes.
But as much as myself and my close friend enjoy spending time together, sharing similar interests, take care of each other, trust each other and feel a lasting bond between us, it isn’t a coincidence that these all happen between us; some feelings prompt them. So I think my close friend should be the best person to complete me. – Victor

Yes, as long as there is mutual understanding and agreement, and both of us are single. But once married, either or the two sides wave it off. – Abdul Hakeem


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