Democracy In My Country

'Give us democracy we clamoured for!' PHOTO CREDIT: Top Media Nigeria
Recalling a story of an historical date today
History records counting on for our progress
Did anybody know what we really wished for
A nation that will be guided by true democracy
Where togetherness reign as the leading focus
Such focus that grows a strength to make us one
What a date with destiny this day means to us
Democracy on this day, casting our net right
Fundamental human right in an open market 
Leaders of this state really promised more then
When we received a new breath from the military 
We said ours will make it not a government of force
Give us democracy we clamour and prayed for
Only to receive another deceit to be in captivity 
What make this great love for our country
When power that be ruled believe we are in liberty
Nineteen years of controversial state of our nation
Some said we got freedom from political killing 
Some said we are liberated to grow well soon
When will the common man celebrate with open mind?
Our democracy, government of politicians for politicians
May 29, history mark with doubt in its trademark
May 29, politician day in disguise as democracy day
May 29, we can rewrite our history around you
May 29, it is not about prayer but good intentions
May 29, this day first promises must be our goal
May 29, nothing is more tiring that waiting too long!
A single mind of positivity can give us the change! 
By: Safiu Abdulhameed
Poet, Safiu Abdulhameed


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