Nigerian record producer, singer, songwriter, and entrepreneur Don Jazzy says aspiring musicians should not make money a priority when delving into music. As well, he notes that not everybody who has interest in music can be a singer.

Don Jazzy was speaking on Sunday at the AYEEN (Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs Empowerment Nigeria) 2018 Annual Convention in the Panel Discussion With Captains of Industries segment.

“The people that are around us don’t actually tell us the truth. Every mother or every father; brother or sister would actually believe that our brother is the baddest rapper out there or the greatest singer out there. So, they dont really tell them early enough. So they just waste so much time trying to get into the music industry,” he says.

“Most people would actually become like better songwriters or producers or managers – like other aspects of the music these days in general.

“Not everybody can come on stage and entertain the people. So I think people actually should just take time, get to know themselves, ask the people that are around them to actually be real with them, and let them like know the truth. Do you think I really have what it takes? Don’t lie to me. Tell me how I can go about it and stuffs like that. Maybe we can start from there.”

Continuing, Don Jazzy, who turned 36 on Monday states:

“I don’t believe in saying: ‘Oh, don’t go into music because there are plenty people inside music’ because we might just be killing some people’s dreams at the end of the day.

“I think if you believe that you have passion for music; if you are just trying to go into it because of money, its not going to work – at all.

L-R: Ibada Ahmed, Tonye Cole, Olatorera Oniru, Don Jazzy at AYEEN 2018 Convention |
L-R: Ibada Ahmed, Tonye Cole, Olatorera Oniru, Don Jazzy at AYEEN 2018 Convention |

“So, if its not coming from a place of passion, where you can actually go for one year, two years without seeing money, then don’t even go into it at all,” he concludes.

Mavin Records boss, Don Jazzy, features in Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs (A.Y.E) Reality TV show.

A.Y.E’s foremost goal is to grow the success and development of Africa’s budding entrepreneurs through mutual networking with established captains of industries. The theme of this year’s Nigerian convention is ‘Entrepreneurial Influence in Economic Development’.


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