A fitter Stanley “Stan” Okoye is anxious to step on the court in front of the ever-supportive Lagos crowd. “Stan” who recently signed for Tecnyconta Zaragoza in the Spanish league says he will continue to seize any opportunity to play for Nigeria.

The profilic forward who was part of the 2015 FIBA Afrobasket success says he sorely miss playing for Nigeria.

Glorious D'Tigers | Top Media Nigeria
Glorious D’Tigers | Top Media Nigeria

“It feels good. It’s great to be back. It’s been a few years since I played with this team. It feels good to see a lot of new faces and the new guys. I think for me, it is very important to show how much I have developed; how much I can help this team; how important I can be as a player.

“The last couple of years, we’ve done it in Africa, I think its time to show, not only that we can compete in Africa, but also, be one of the best teams in the world.”

Road to the world cup | Top Media Nigeria
Road to the world cup | Top Media Nigeria

Ivory Coast, CAR, Senegal, difficult or easy?

“I can never say something is easy. Ivory Coast is a great team. Central Afrique is a great team, Senegal is a great team. But right now, we are going to be focused on Ivory Coast because that’s the first game we have. As long as we do our things; work on our game plan, I think we will be very successful.”

Playing in front of the home fans

“It’s special. I’ve been to Nigeria many times, but I’ve never played here. So to have this opportunity to come back to play in front of our people, is a very great honour. And I think its going to help us a lot. It’s going to boost our energy, boost our spirits, to give our best.”

Advice to kids

“Keep chasing your dream. Hardwork and work-ethic is the most important thing. Because talent is not always going to beat hardwork.

“Never give up on yourself because in this life, you only have one.”

‘Great feeling being home’

“I miss the team. I miss being at home; I miss the coaches. It’s a great feeling to be here,” Stanley revels.


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