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Just In: Nigerian Content Creators,  Influencers Set to Float Union

In a landmark development that promises to reshape the Nigerian digital landscape, content
creators and influencers from various platforms are coming together to establish a pioneering
union aimed at championing their rights and addressing shared challenges.

TOP MEDIA reports that this was revealed by foremost talent manager, Micheal Nwabufo, also known as Mike Premium while speaking to newsmen on Thursday, June 29, 2023, at a media event in Lagos.

Reacting to news of the recent arrest of skit maker Abdullahi Maruff Adisa, popularly known as
Trinity Guy, Mike Premium, who was recently named the acting president of the initiative,
disclosed that representatives and stakeholders from the diverse spheres of content creation,
including YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and other major platforms, have been
engaging in intensive discussions and consultations to intervene and mediate in Trinity’s issue
and as well, pave the way for the groundbreaking initiative of the union’s creation.

In his words, Mike Premium, says the proposed union seeks to create a unified front for content
creators , protect intellectual property rights, and promote professional standards and ethical
guidelines for content creation and influencer marketing. This will help foster transparency,
authenticity, and responsible practices, safeguarding the trust between creators, influencers,
and their audiences. This will also curb unethical practices such as misleading advertisements
amongst other vices and further strengthening the reputation of content creators and

“The proposed union aspires to become a platform for education, networking, and support for
its members. By pooling resources and expertise, the union aims to provide workshops, training
programs, and mentorship opportunities to empower creators and influencers in their
professional journeys. Collaboration and knowledge-sharing among members will be
emphasized to foster a sense of community and to drive innovation within the industry “ he

While content creators and influencers have traditionally operated independently, the
exponential growth of the industry and the emergence of new challenges have prompted them
to seek collective strength and protection amidst efforts by the Nigerian government to regulate
and saturate the fast growing digital industry.

Consultations and engagements with key stakeholders, legal experts, and relevant authorities
are already at its pivotal stage, to navigate the necessary procedures and requirements for the
registration and establishment of a solid legal framework that will provide a strong foundation
for the union’s operations, enabling it to effectively advocate for the rights and interests of
content creators and influencers in Nigeria.

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