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Courtship span. Stock Photo Inc. / michaeljung

Waiting can feel like working against the tide of biology and the romantic rush of falling in love and making it official. A courtship should be an exciting stage in life. During courtship, the man and woman spend as much time together as is reasonable.

Top Media Nigeria continue with the question of how long to wait before getting married. Wask readers their views. As always, see interesting responses:

I am legally married. We were together (courtship) for 3 years. But the day we tied the nuptials, I started observing what I could not see for 3 years within a day! Same way she complained about me.

In essence, I do not think there should be a particular courtship span. This is because, whether we like it or not, no matter how long or short the courtship is, there would still be iota of hidden character. The things we should work on are: knowing the certainty of getting married to that partner, be sure you can manage the partner’s weaknesses and strengths and be sure he or she is someone you can spend your entire life with.


However, I think minimum of 6 months is OK for a courtship that would lead to marriage. – George, Ogun state

6 months is just fine. Even if we spend 10 years on courtship, we won’t still know each other well. – Keji, Ogun state.

6 months is okay – Adeola, Kogi state

At least, 6 months or one year so that you will be able to know some things about each other. – Yusuf, Lagos

It depends. If it is two weeks, fine. If it is two months, good. The bottom line is, you know your partner very well during the period, enter marriage happily and peacefully with God’s guidance. – Folake


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