The season in the air about February baffles me
A day of that month is set aside to celebrate lovers
When the heart felt feelings should be for everyday
We need love, and to be loved you have to give love
Life is about exchange, when you give, you receive
Here in my heart of love, I will celebrate for all days
I have come to live by leaving behind lovely memories
Such memory that will build a home for me in her heart
Where I will live even when I am faraway from her sight
There in her heart as a custodian of my heart and soul
Our love will be for a great belt above the planet earth
We will live beyond the deceit of sex, kisses and hugs
My baby, you are the shining star of the dusk to dawn
Your worth in my heart is beyond a day gallery of red
You are for all days in lovely purple and sky rise blue
Only you deserve my heart if it will be for a giveaway
When it is for keep, nowhere to seek but your place
Now that it is about sharing,  I will give my all to you
Real lovers are birds known to be of same feather
They flock together through the breeze of friendship
Making the earth to witness a feast of love in accord
Beyond just a day but forever they live for love all days
Exchanging pleasantries with smiles even in far miles
For true love is about a lifetime, anytime for all the time
Top Media Nigeria Poet, Hameed
© Safiu Abdulhameed