Teizzei Nero is an upcoming Afro-pop singer who released a song, ‘Lesese‘ which has introduced him to the music industry. Like any other artiste, he has dreams, and the main one is to become the #1 Afro-pop musician on the continent. Top Media Nigeria (TMN) talked to him, and in this exclusive chat, he reveals his inspiration, model and more. Enjoy!

TMN: Our readers would like to know you.

Teizzei: My name is Ekwue Taiwo Nicolas Tayo, known on stage as Teizzei. I was birthed April 10, 1999 in Lagos state. I am a musician, guitarist, singer and songwriter. And also, I am a model.
My genre of music is Afro pop.

TMN: How did you start music?

Teizzei: I started recording music at the age of 13. Actually, I started singing from the choir. I was the youngest of the chorister in the main church. I also rehearsed with a couple of friends as a studio rat – trying to learn more everyday. My mentor in the industry is Wizkid.
I get inspired listening to other people’s songs mainly people like Bob Marley and Fela kind-of (Afro) music. Presently, I am not signed to any record label.

My new song ‘Lesese’ is currently online and in radio stations in Nigeria.

T. Nero performing

TMN: Of your songs, which is your favourite?

Teizzei: ‘Lesese’ which would be dropped soon.

TMN: Who writes and produces your music?

Teizzei: Basically my songs are written by me. As time goes on, I’ll be working with other professional songwriters.
I work with different producers as well.

TMN: Can you name one?

Teizzei: SirPHresh Beat. The guy that produced the ‘Lesese’ sound.

TMN: Which concert have you performed at, that is standout?

Teizzei: Defintely Merrybet Celebrity Fans Challenge. I performed alongside Davido and other A-list musicians in Nigeria.

The Merrybet Celebrity Fans Challenge was great. Turnout was fantastic. And I was the only upcoming musician on the list. That was a great privilege for me as an upcoming star. The turn-out from my fans was awesome. They showed me great love.

TMN: Tell us about your hobbies and interests.

Teizzei: Listening to music, playing the guitar, writing song and hanging out.
I am interested in anything productive.

T. Nero

TMN: Do you have a favourite colour or a special fashion code of your own?

Teizzei: No I don’t for now.

TMN: What is your favourite food?

Teizzei: Rice.

TMN: Let us know about your hopes and goals for the future?

Teizzei: My vision is to win couple of awards like, Headies, Afrima , MTV Africa Music Awards, MAMAs Awards, etcetera. My major target is to become the number one Afro pop musician in Africa.

TMN: Thank you for your time.

Teizzei: It’s my pleasure.


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