In the heart of governance
In the heart of societal goals
Human rights, the right of all
Where discrimination cease to exist
Duties of citizenship for every living
Through truth, fairness of Justice
Capped by the strength of decency
We are all entitled to Justice of equals
Only before our eyes, the masses suffer
Only before our ears, the masses cries
Only before our nose, we perceive pollution
Only before our skin, the feeling is cheats
In a world of many brains with great words
Rights are for the powerful and the top rich
With only a brain, you can never beat the reach
Knowledge is nothing, all we do is to segregate
For fairness to oneness, human rights matter
For equality to circulate within and beyond
Power should be used to save but not to cheat
To be poor and powerless is not for eternity
We are one through the birth of nakedness
So also we will depart the world with nothing
Thinking it so deep with tears for justice for all
Possibilities lives here ,the table turns at will
Top Media Nigeria Poet, Hameed
Abdulhameed O. Safiu

© 2019

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