For Love, For Life



By: Safiu Abdulhameed


Memory fades like the dead to the dust
In my love, I need long life to act to boost
Like bostanji to Ottoman, I’m not a ghost
All I need is true love not of the one as lust
Wanting to be free and a feel could be a lost
Let us ride the canoe like for life and for love
At all-time the air favours the fish even the dove
The euphoria atmosphere here too long to curve
From the journey, stick to me like hand to the glove
From the journey, I will serve you like wool to stove
For love, for life, let step in samba to go on for groove
Tell no one the definition, nothing but of love for life
With you I’m lost in thought; I’m fully free to live alive
Speak not of our hidden, between me and you is divine
That call for two born in the womb comes out as twins
Our love for life, through the valley of fear we go on
In the rain, my blanket is you like force-man in jacket
This feeling goes mutual like of the call of Mother Nature
Like the day, keep calm and anew with the dew like a vapour
Come here love to complete me and my incomplete creature
Nothing but joy is that feel of your presence in my heart
In the bit of time, you’re the thought in my heartfelt one
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