For The Feat Of June 12!

Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola casts his vote for the Presidential election |


By: Abdul Hameed Adetola Abiodun

Nigeria first general election makes this date
When our national efforts was smashed and truncated 
Twenty-five years down the counts of memory
We are now united by a leader who sees the truth
For a piece like this shouldn’t make me partisan
But my judgment of the pen shouldn’t be bias 
Some will say the recognition is long overdue
With the brain of that victory gone far the dust
Life shows alive in the spirit of a deceased philanthropy 
Who gave in all in his efforts to birth us democracy
Making it history amidst mysteries of the victory
Moshood Kashimawo Olawale, the GCFR we never had
We can’t just forget this date of 1993, the June 12
When a philanthropic politician got it as a landslide 
A landslide victory that set the stage of great records
History will honor the good, it won’t forget the bad
What a cruel head of a state wanting forever live
Now to the wind of the forsaken in the heart of Nigerians
Yesterday witnesses a new turn for a greater turn
Reuniting the past with the future of our nation
Speculations says, it is for a political game plan
But we all have no right over the unknown tomorrow
Best of lesson learnt, to lead right is to do right
If you are to be there tomorrow, make hay in the sun
History rewritten in grand style, June 12 truly for democracy 
For the soul of the dead, June 12 lives on forever
When the ancestor smiles, the land will be blessed
Kudos to a leader with a lions heart, this is our democracy!
* GCFR means Grand Commander of the Order of the Federal Republic
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