Gone Are The Days

Gone Are The days
Photo Credit: Universe Today
We were birth with hope and promises
We were given a lift to succeed for life
We were the golden eyes of all black race
We were recognized to be there for this day
We were the reason for many talk and turns
We were expected to grow for greater role
Gone are those days of merry men out of here
Gone are those days of joyous wedding party
Gone are those days of peaceful coexistence
Gone are the days about we and not just for me
Gone are the days of community love of oneness
Gone are the days of smile through a clean heart
We started with good cultural value in one accord
We started with growth but we are not yet growing
We started with smiles of oneness to grow as one
We started with disabilities for a greater capability
We started with a lift for masses not to be in crisis
We started as the remedial of hope for black race
Now the country seen as a giant is like a coward
The system is bastardize with nothing to write of
We now live like a slippery rock that is written off
Our treasure full of greening now the haven of greed
The arena of farming now the center stage of famine
For us to live we have to come together in one accord
Good life is beyond the happiness of the few but many
Can we bring back the old greater days of one for all?
Can we start again with the agreement to grow together?
Can we get it right with leaders ready to lift the nation?
Can we ever have leaders that will serve us by the pledge?
Can the followers believe in the will of national strength?
Where our strength will be for the support of one another
We can go all out to make history by turning things around
We can reclaim the giant stride to roar like the jungle king
We can live to represent the hope for a greater African home
We can make it a change that will be for growth of positivity
We can follow the spirit of those that died for justice to rise
Gone are the days of hope, it is not too late, we can rise again!
Top Media Nigeria Poet, Hameed
© Safiu Abdulhameed