Good For Nigeria, If Squash Players Play Like Egyptians

Not bad if Nigeria copy Egypt's attacking style of play

Egypt's Marwan ElShorbagy stretches France's Gregory Gaultier at a tournament in Zurich in 2015. PHOTO CREDIT: Squash Mad

By: Ridwan Adeola Yusuf

The top 20 players in the world are made up of a total of 14 Egyptians (men 8; women 6). They’ve put their mark on the noble game of squash.

Egyptian players are unique in style. They mostly play similar way. And that is the attacking style of play. The same as football. Like Brazil, Spain and Germany, who attack from all the sides of the pitch. Egyptian professional squash players attack from all angles that if you are at the back, you are always chasing the rubber ball. Their approach is amazingly entertaining.

Furthermore, Egyptian squash players are very talented to start to inject pace and take more volleys. They are not ‘sitting back’; they start to take step and strike. Crucially, they use the front-corner more than anybody in the game – with great momentum. Hence, they make you do all the running and tire you out. Therefore, if you are a player who have serious defect playing at the front of the court, you’d get taken apart by them.

Nigeria’s Tunde Ajagbe playing 2017 World Junior Squash Champion, Marwan Tarek of Egypt in Lagos recently. PHOTO CREDIT: CSO

Egyptians are so good at attacking style mainly because they have been playing that style from a very young age.

Captain Dayo Awobokun speaking as the Nigerian squash family watches. PHOTO CREDIT: CSO

Kudos to Nigerian squash stakeholders such as Capt. Dayo Awobokun and Bola Mogaji, who have been taking their time to tutor junior players. Still, it is not enough for the squash racket to be one’s best friend from tender age alone.

Nigerian juniors in action

The kids should be bred with a clear-cut philosophy. If it is resilience form, the kid should be educated that way. If it is going to the aggressive method, teach the child player to stick to that. Although, dynamism should be stressed. As they grow up, they then develop a complete game.

Some Nigeria Squash players at PSPAN Classic. CREDIT: 3TV CHANNEL

Lastly, a virtue Nigerian squash fraternity can imitate from Egypt – this time not related to play, is their unity.

Left to Right: Egyptian brothers, Karim Ali Fathy, Karim El Hammamy and Youssef Soliman at a PSA-sanctioned event.

Despite Egypt’s dominance, they maintain utmost respect for each other and harmonious relationship. I hereby call on the Nigerian squash family – Professional Squash Players Association of Nigeria (PSPAN) members most especially – to obliterate any form of grievance(s) they are nursing against each other.

If we must move forward, we must truly maintain one love!


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