Hollywood’s Typecast Actors Who Will Always Be That Guy/Lady

These performers have become strongly identified with a specific character

Liam Neeson is blessed with a very specific set of skills: PHOTO:consequenceofsound.net


There exist some actors  who are known for just one specific role they play in movies. They fit snugly into specific characters; playing the same character in almost every movie.

These actors recycle their role over and over, although, some of them achieve success doing this.

Here are some of Hollywood’s pegged actors:


Neeson has starred in some breathtaking detective jobs PHOTO: theplaylist.net

Liam Neeson has always been one of the biggest actor on Hollywood screen with some thrilling detective jobs. Almost all the movies he featured has been getting caught up in a conspiracy which he later comes out a hero. The Irish born actor was famous for his role in the Sequel Taken where his daughter was kidnapped and ended up with multiple conspiracies. In Non-Stop, he starred as an Air Marshall caught up in an airplane hijacking conspiracy which was orchestrated by a passenger, same as his recent movie, The Commuter, where he played a retired police officer and got caught within a criminal conspiracy while on his way from work on this regular commuter train.

Producers have come to realize he is best suited for the role and played it perfectly.


“Marvel’s The Avengers” ..Tony Stark/Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.)..Ph: Film Frame..© 2011 MVLFFLLC. TM & © 2011 Marvel.

Famously called “Iron Man” for his role in the Marvel Avengers series, Downey Jr. is a man of intelligence.

One of the biggest name in Hollywood screen as a result of his ego and acting flares, Downey Jr. is always an egoistic idealist who believes his intellect can solve everything he is faced with. From his role As Charlie Chaplin in Chaplin to Sherlock holmes who solves crime with his deductive reasoning and his famous starring role as Iron man using his technological expertise to fight along earth mighty heroes against darkness. Ego, wealth and many logical reasoning are what you get from his movie and always comes out of every problem with his intellectual prowess


Margaret Denise Quigley became popular after a main role in action series Nikita PHOTO: starschanges.com

Mostly referred to as Maggie Q or Nikita. She is a famous FBI officer and a rogue operative in almost all her movies. Maggie is a very good actress when it comes to her investigative abilities in movies. From the movie that brought her to prominence, Naked weapon where she acted as a trained assassin that went rogue just to find the woman that made her into weapon. In Nikita Series, she acted as a rogue operative and exposing the company that killed her husband.
She appeared on recent screen in Designated Survivor as An FBI agent tasked by the president to look into the Bombing of the State capital and the Death of all the country’s politicians. She is always made to hunt bad folks in movies and the next time you see her in movies, I bet she will be running from a criminal organization, or investigating a conspiracy.


Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (l)  with Kit Harington in Pompeii PHOTO: geekadelphia.com

The English-born actor of Nigerian decent, is a well-known face in Hollywood. Playing the role an Entourage for Bad guys in the big screen has been the spice in his recipe. In The Mummy Return as Lock-Nah where he played the assistant of Lord Immotep and as Croc in Suicide Squad and also as Kurse (a side kick to the villain) in the Marvel Studio film Thor: The Dark World.
He appeared in many TV Series, popular ones include Lost as Mr. Eko a drug smuggler, Malko in the fifth season of Game of Thrones. ‘Triple-A’ has developed the likeness for playing a side kick to the bad guys and spoiler. He dies in almost all his movies. The 50 year old is a perfect lesson to explain the reasons why bad guys do not last!


Keanu Reeves is the perfect action star!  PHOTO: abcnews.go.com

Known by many name but recently called John Wick for his role in his recent Franchise. His recurring character arc in multiple roles he has played is one of saving the world, as can be seen in many characters Ted Logan (Ted & Logan Excellent Adventure), John Constatine, Budha, Neo (Matrix), Johnny Mnemonic and Klaatu which has garnered several awards.
He is also a renowned Martial Art actor who has acted many martial art roles in movies from 47Ronins Man of Chi to his recent movie, John Wick.

Penned by: AbdulGafar Olanrewaju Agunbiade


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