From cleaning his shoes to simply being asked if we’re OK, it’s often the little things that make a person feel most loved. Top Media Nigeria ask readers the way(s) one is most likely to show their partner they truly care. Here we have their thoughts:

Most people believe it’s all about sex. I think it’s about the smile, joy and happiness you derive from one another.

Support him, pray for him, cook for him, don’t go through his phone, be someone he runs to first when he is in pain, be his smile, trust him and stay true. You have given him the utmost care in the world!

– Morenikeji, Lagos

Caring for one’s partner to me is an aspect of loving my partner. Caring for someone has to do with seeking and working towards making the partner better and less cumbered with activities. The best way I can care for my partner is to support her financially, assist her in doing chores in the house, taking care of the kids, helping her in the kitchen and assisting her to be emotionally and psychologically balanced and stable. When she needs my attention, I should be available for her to offload anything that may be depressing to her. My partner must not just be given money and all material things she need but she is neglected and left to run around doing everything on her own, such a partner will get old and haggard or even die prematurely pretty soon.

So for her to know that I care, I have to create time regularly to communicate with her, ask questions about her business, job, health, regularly check on her, assist her to do house chores, take care of the kids, seek her counsel to give her a sense of belonging and responsibility, play with her, pray for her and support her financially. All these mean I have to make sacrifices even when it is difficult to let her know I care.

– Sao, Ibadan

By showing respect , most importantly paying attention to his needs and making sacrifices to a reasonable point.

–  Shakirah, Lagos

To be with him during difficult times. And also, answering his calling always when he is in need of support.

– Sunkanmi, Lagos

By showing her love all the time in the relationship. Being there for her in all circumstances, such as cheering her up whenever she is gloomy, and being soft with her whenever she trespasses or does anything wrong.

-Saheed, Lagos

In every way possible, be there for her, make her smile even when she is down, get naughty with her so that she won’t even feel sad for a second. Because I would ensure that the thought of me in her heart can be a pain-relief for her.

– Adam, Kwara state

Kiss your partner in the morning when you wake up, to get the day going, and in the evening before you go to sleep. Embrace your partner whenever you see each other again after being apart. Kissing doesn’t always have to lead to sex, but it will always reinforce the feelings between you.

Call your partner’s parents and tell them what a great job they did making your mate into the wonderful person he or she is today. This gesture can make a big difference in your family dynamic. And if the parents are no longer around, a thank-you note to your partner can have a similar effect.

– Nicholas, Ikorodu, Lagos

One thing that has really changed our relationship and how much more I respect my patner.
Always compliment your partner, even if they’re having a bad day. The more you can make your partner feel good, the better your partner will make you feel about yourself and your relationship.

Give your partner little gifts for no reason. Giving is a process, not an event, and is something that should happen on a daily basis.

– Boluwatife, Ogun state

I will wash his clothes, cook for him, clean his shoes, and get him ready for work.

After work, spoil him with the thing ‘gangan’. After that, discuss naughty (things) and so on.

– Kaothar, Dubai, UAE


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