Partners used to illustrate the story | Sophie-sticated mom
Partners used to illustrate the story | Sophie-sticated mom

Waiting can feel like working against the tide of biology and the romantic rush of falling in love and making it official. A courtship should be an exciting stage in life. During courtship, the man and woman spend as much time together as is reasonable.

To the question of how long to wait before getting married, we (Top Media Nigeria) ask readers their views. See their interesting responses:

The span of courtship is based on the following criteria:
1. Individual satisfaction
Courtship duration is determined by the spouses as they study each other to understand if they can co-habitate, cope and satisfy one another.
2.Traditional and cultural factors
For marriage to be possible, in some cultures, some traditional and cultural rites have to be met and this also will determine the span of courtship.
3. Religious doctrine
The kind of religious indoctrination of the spouses is also a factor considered.
With the above stated, there CANNOT be a generally accepted duration or span of courtship.

4 years maximum. Anything thereafter, you will get tired of each other. – Akinbukola

As long as both partners want it. – Oladimeji

In a good relationship, if courtship should last for 2 to 3 years, it is okay because no one is perfect, so is any relationship. Meanwhile, the more the courtship years, the more the relatives become familiar with the partners and this could lead to separation if negative variance is more than the positive ones. – Kolade

It depends on how both of them schedule their program. But in my opinion, as much as the guy is ready to marry, I think they should cut off the ‘so-called’ courtship and formalise their union. – Abass

Courtship, for me, has no time frame before walking the aisle – depending on circumstances and especially the plans of those involved.
We’ve seen those who court for few months, get married, have a happy home, and vice-versa.
While it is advisable to court for at least 18 months before marriage, it doesn’t guarantee a happy home.
The essence of courtship is to get to know each others values, what these values are, how to lift each other during low time, to compliment during trials and to share in each others joy. Anytime potential couples think they have master this act, they are good to go.
Conclusively, before saying yes, economy viability of parties involved must be established and well secured (at least a sustainable one), as financial difficulty have proven overtime to be home-breaker. – Olayinka

In my own perception, 6 months is okay, because we need to bear in mind that we cannot know all that a lady or man is made up of in terms of character and the rest. Therefore, I see it as a waste of time when people are taking time to study each other. I pray they don’t wait till eternity anyway. So I subscribe to 6 months and maximum, 1 year. – Emmanuel


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