When two people go into a relationship and profess love to each other, it is most often expected that trust has been created.

Trust is a huge part of human existence and means much more in a relationship, especially a very serious relationship headed for the altar.

When someone asks you if you trust your partner, do you just say a shallow yes or you say yes because you know what it really means to say you trust someone?

Trusting someone isn’t as simple as it sounds. It occurs in different contexts:
– When you trust your partner, you believe them and whatever anyone else says about them doesn’t matter.
– Also, when you trust your partner, you have confidence in them that they can make a wise decision for both of you.
– And when you trust your partner, you believe in their judgement and opinion about certain important and sensitive issues of your life. E.g career-path.

Distrust brings forth recurrent misunderstanding and ultimately breeds an unhealthy relationship.

Every quality of a good relationship are interwoven in such a way that they build trust.
Basically, you earn trust and keep strengthening it.

Let’s talk about communication; this is one key element that builds trust. Communication, just as it sounds, is a form of exchange, giving and receiving. It is also an act of confiding and being a confidant.

Couples should be able to openly and freely talk to each other and make each other comfortable enough to talk.

Listen, yes listen to each other. No matter how much you love your partner, it can never replace your listening ears.

Listen and give thoughtful, empathetic advice where and when needed.

Action they say is louder than words. Do you say ‘A’ and do ‘B’. Your silent actions, the loud ones, the fulfilled promise, the words you kept, the decision you stood by, your sense of responsibility, all have a way of strengthening trust.

Mutual respect and understanding cannot in anyway be waved off in the topic of trust building. In fact, it’s importance cannot be overemphasized.

They subtly play an important role in building trust, they help to instill faith and confidence.

You respect me, understand me, naturally, I will have more confidence in you and ultimately have faith in you!
While there are numerous other ways to build trust, there is one important factor which shouldn’t be left out. It is you.Yes, you! You cannot give what you do not have. Do you even trust yourself? To be able to give and effectively receive trust, you need to first trust yourself. Else, you’ll be a doubting Thomas at all times, having zero faith in everyone and distrusting every Tom, Dick and Harry.

Work on yourself and strive to be a better person as an individual and in a relationship.



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