An influential human in this clime once said: “If anybody queries you, asking if sex is food, tell him or her to go gobble up plates of eba if it can substitute love-making.”

In the Nigerian society, couples don’t get to do the deed as often as they go to Sunday brunch due to factors as stress after a hard day’s work and financial setback.

As much as sex is part of our living, for one reason or the other, for some married women, it is desert storm. They haven’t had sex with their spouse in over a year!

The institution, marriage is a changer. A study revealed that only 48% of married women want regular sex after four years of marriage.

So we ask five (5) of our readers: Given the realities of your current life, how often would you like to have sex?

My sex life goes in tandem with my mood. I have it whenever I am financially buoyant and happy. I can have it virtually everyday of the week with my wife. And I may decide not to have it in a month. – George, Ogun.

Given that scientists have proved that sex is good to ensure good health of an individual and is even recommended in ameliorating some issues and disease, I’ll love to be having sex two to three times daily. – Adedamola, Ibadan.

As often as it will suit my partner. I don’t mind twice in a week. Sex is the main ingredient of every marriage. – Keji, Lagos.

Sex is a form of exercise. It keeps one fit. I love to have sex irrespective of any odds. But I would only have it if my woman is available and not only available, but willing to have it.

If permitted, I would like to have it at least twice during the day and twice at night before the day break. That’s four in a day. Sex is life. – Ibrahim, Ogun

I am still unmarried, I haven’t had sex since January. But when I am married, I won’t go that long without sex of course. So, let’s say weekly. I think I can have other intimate moments with my wife aside sex, so no problem. – Biodun, Lagos


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