Titilayo Adeoye, ‘Debby T’ is a fast-rising actress and Producer who released a flick, ‘Pero‘ which has of course raised her status in the movie industry. Like any other performer, something stemmed her interest in acting. Top Media Nigeria‘s (TMN) Ridwan Adeola Yusuf reached her, and in this exclusive chat, she reveals her inspiration in connection with her new movie, model and more. Enjoy!

TMN: 2018 has been a remarkable year for you. It sees you nominated for “Breakout Actress of The Year”, Yoruba Movie Gist Awards. What is the secret?

Titi: To God be the glory. There is no two ways about it than God’s grace and hardwork. These are the things that keeps me going.

Pero by Titi Adeoye | Top Media Nigeria
Pero produced by Titi Adeoye | Top Media Nigeria

TMN: The reception of your new movie, ‘Pero’ has been positive. What was the inspiration behind the storyline?

Titi: As a single mother, I realised the way single moms are treated in this part of the world is not proper.
Many people see single moms as prostitutes or unserious human beings, forgetting that they didn’t wake up one day to become a single mum. That is why I decided to write about single mums, their travails, emotional trauma, neglect, pain and lots more. And above all, they should be respected in the society.

On set with Wale Akorede, a.k.a Okunnu | Top Media Nigeria
On set of ‘Pero’ with Wale Akorede, a.k.a Okunnu (r) | Top Media Nigeria

TMN: The movie has got impressive cast: Mr Latin, ‘Okunnu’, Lateef Adedimeji, Bukola ‘Arugba’, Afeez Eniola, and is directed by one of the industry’s gladiators, Adebayo Tijani. How were you able to pull these personalities together, especially as it is your first production?

Mr. Latin starred in 'Pero' without collecting a dime | Top Media Nigeria
Titi respects ‘boss’ Mr. Latin (r) a lot | Top Media Nigeria

Titi: I will say it’s still God. If it is by my own doing, I will fail woefully. I put everything in His Hands. I did my own assignment and with the support of my boss, Otunba Bolaji Amusan (Mr Latin), it became a huge success.

Hotshot, Lateef Adedimeji features in 'Pero' | Top Media Nigeria
Hotshot, Lateef Adedimeji (l) features in ‘Pero’ | Top Media Nigeria

TMN: You studied Mass Communication and some of your tutors include respected educators in Oyo State such as former state Chairman of NIPR, Oyo, Mr. Kayode Akinpelu (JP), Adeyinka Agoro, Patrick Akolade, Olajide Olawunmi, et al. Who amongst your former lecturers had the greatest impact on you?

Titi: I can boldly say all of them have been of great impact. They all know their onions when it comes to lecturing. This list won’t be complete without Elder Solomon Adedokun, Mr. Adediran Ismail Olorunkemi Akeukewe and Oke Ebenezer Akinsanya’s names being mentioned.

TMN: When did you develop interest in acting?

Titi: Acting for me is in-born. Have you ever found yourself doing something without being taught how to? That’s what acting is for me. I grew up knowing acting is the talent God deposited in me.

TMN: Is your bodily asset a plus for you in getting movie roles?

Titi: I don’t think so. I believe I get scripts based on my ability to interprete the writer’s mind.

TMN: Who is your role model in the industry?

Titi: I admire Ini Edo a lot because she is versatile. She also leads a simple and private life.

TMN: Thank you for your time.

Titi: You’re welcome.

Watch ‘Pero’ below:


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