Jack Of All Trade

Jack Of All Trade illustration CREDIT: Nollywood Gists


Coming here and going there like rollercoaster

Fast in the lane as the fasting race of a furious

Generating strength to waste before tomorrow

Like running on an uphill, rising to drop on a gun

I sneeze, I breathe, I cough, and I smile on to cry

Like a journey through backwoods, you need focus


Can’t you be of a lane to grasp the real in a game?

Fill-full your purse, growing for a goal within stress

Another episode of who to make a mark out there

Where you eat more, you will be strained for more

I wonder why elephant failed to make it a king of all

Not about a body, agility to pull with a target does it


Many lanes, more race, many hands, more force to go

Give in to live in moderate, to be in excessiveness kills

If my heart is heavy, my throat will be so dark on a stiff

Thinking more about this place, a block to my own path

Don’t do it in excess, when its time you will move over

For little step to a path ends a race through time to life


Jack of all trade, take this, that, and another to see trouble

To be focus on a goal brings more than what you need to go

To be a master, you can’t gather a world to your feet to fit

Only what is of worth will be needed to get over many feats

Life is not of plenty but to remain with a goal leads to plenty

Be a Chameleon to learn something about everything to grow

Be a man to learn everything about something to get growing

When you grow, all you need is to get on by day, keep growing

Jack of much trade to end up with lost, you will know no trade!

© Safiu Abdulhameed  2018


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