Like the saint working in the dragon island
Such experience like a journey through hell
Men of the pen and camera always for a punch
Doing their job seems like it is a crime to be one
When you fail to give what they want, you will fail
When you decides to do it the way of journalism
You end up becoming an enemy to the world
No one like to pass through the stress of our stress
But the whole world want to be inclusive in our world
No one knows, how intense the news room hotness is
No one knows, how racking the brain affect emotionally
Leg walking is our job, which is embedded in adventure
To write about the state hidden truth makes you a prey
The mafias come running to get you off the work way
 they want us to be corrupt to cover their corruption
A good journalist, an enemy to lies and brown envelope
History will never forget the then memory of Dele Giwa
Blessed memory among many who revealed deep throat
The world will never forget others gone through the pen
For our race will be for the truth at all time of our own time
Journalism as the media is the world‎ fourth estate of realm
Now it is Samuel Ogundipe of Premium Times Newspaper
Journalism!  the greatest profession of greater people
‎Between the world and countries of this world at large
No media, no world, No journalism, Nothing will grow
Journalist are professionals not to be called criminals
Our job is to liberate the world with nothing but truth
#FreeSamuelOgundipe, Justice will one day prevail
(c) Safiu Abdulhameed O.
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