‘Legbe Iganna’ (Beside The Wall)

'Legbe Iganna' (Beside The Wall). IMAGE COURTESY: Pexels
'Legbe Iganna' (Beside The Wall). IMAGE COURTESY: Pexels
Beside the wall where it all started
Beside the wall of our story of love
When I came like a thief in the night
Pipping around to see your honey face

Love is beautiful, it lives inside there

Here in my heart to treasure forever
Legbe iganna, beside the long wall
I came searching on with whispers
Mama will ask you, what is that sound
That of my stone over your rooftop
You and I know, that it is all a prank
Like the jester, your face bring smiles
The real deal is this journey of ours
Like a trip to the heart, full of emotions
I arrived here for no one, born to love you
With imagination from the in-depth parts
That of my heart that will never play pranks
With the passion of love from your eyes
I see balls of fresh flesh inside your inner
Ready for a play through my magic hands
I know you want my touch, for your peace
Deep in my heart, I will wait after the nuptial
That tie of joy celebrating our true love story
When our journey will be stamped to be one
Legbe Iganna,  you and I can’t wait for long
Our story like that of super lovers back then
Of oval shape now growing like that of life
Here it is, ours is of the healing stories of love
Your smiles capture my heart like a fragrance
Best of all is your kisses, forever yours is mine
Beneath the wall, our path starts to never part
Top Media Nigeria Poet, Hameed
© Safiu Abdulhameed

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