Me And My Friends

Me and my friends
Image Courtesy: Africa ME
We came so close to getting more hands
Like the role of calls in the movie show
If the actors don’t take turn its not done
You play it here like a guitar to the song
Where the stand of many is just for one
The studio man is next to the music man
Me and my friends, many words lost here
Taking turn is just the order of many men
When the success is about the connection
You can’t just drive a car without the wheel
So many hands to the growth of the world
Angels listening to the instructions above
Just as the wedding party can’t be by two
Me and my friends makes the class a class
A student to the seat will bored the teaching
When you ask a lecturer you will understand
At the end of this show we will both smile
And then you will know the value of many
You alone at the cinema makes a cemetery
Like the closed field kills the football game
No memoir of memories without friendship
You will enjoy the ride with friends beside
Me and my friends, poetry is about the two
The writer and yes the world of the readers
To know how valuable the art of this world
Just go on a trip with no one but your friend
And if you want to make it real great timeout
Just go see the movie with me and my friends
Top Media Nigeria Poet, Hameed
© Poet, Safiu Abdulhameed