Mistakes men make in the bedroom | www.gpowerradio.com
Mistakes men make in the bedroom | www.gpowerradio.com

Mistakes in the bedroom leads to poor sexual performance, broken homes and infidelity. We look at five of the mistakes that some men commit in ‘the other room’ that makes them unable to satisfy their woman in bed, have poor sexual performance and often time causes their wife cheat on them.

These mistakes make one’s sex life boring and destroy marriages:

(1) Trivial or no foreplay: Some men jump into sex without any foreplay. They jump into having sex too fast with their partner like having “quickies”. This is wrong! Women do not really enjoy this. You just can’t skip foreplay.

Foreplay | Wiktionary
Foreplay | Wiktionary

You have to stimulate her physically, psychologically and emotionally for her to be ready and enjoy the sex with you.

Foreplay might even give women multiple orgasms. Some of the foreplay you can do is passionate kissing, cuddling, fingering, caressing her breast, sucking it and massaging her body.

When you skip foreplay, most women find the intercourse drab.

(2 Insecurity: You have to make sure the atmosphere is relaxed and completely out of public eyes before you engage in sex. No woman would find it funny if intruded while having fun with the one she loves. And no woman would be absolutely free with you in an environment she sense is not concealed.

Your wife may cheat on you as a result of premature ejaculation. PHOTO CREDIT: The Nation Nigeria
Your wife may cheat on you as a result of premature ejaculation. PHOTO CREDIT: The Nation Nigeria

(3) Premature ejaculation: No woman wants a man that releases within 30 seconds or 1 minute of penetration. Only fowl do that! It leaves a woman unsatisfied, and she may even be tempted to cheat on her husband with another man who can satisfy her. If you can’t last long in bed, do yourself a favour and solve this problem as soon as possible!

(4) Not mindful of your better half: Sex is meant to be enjoined, not only by the man but both lovers. The pleasure should be mutual. The best sex is one in which both partners reach orgasm. So pay attention to your partner’s feeling and her stimulus. Only rapists are not worried if a woman enjoys sex or not – as long as their lust is satisfied. You should be worried if your sex partner just lie down like a log of wood. Take note of what turns her on, watch it, and keep up!

(5) Not knowing her best sex position: Study the best position your wife likes best. You can even ask her! So, you can give it to her that way very well! What makes Mrs B feel like she is in paradise might not move Aunty B. She might prefer missionary to doggy, and she might prefer doggy to missionary or whichever. So, ask and study her!

By: Amao Bodunrin


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