My Special Story

My Special Story
Nothing can be as perfect as this world
It goes far, clocking by the wall of war
It is within the height of my own heart
Viable and visible to the mind of many
Then I go for things beyond imagination
Either by the will or you change the will
This is where we will start another talk
Above the surface of this weaker mind
With the council of thought in the mild
Like so many will say, tell us about you
Here I pen down my thought in thousand
With this poetic line in more than words
No one will understand the deal about me
Like all other writers, I have my own lines
Pouring and coming out like the rush hour
My story goes like a trip of the early men
They have nothing but farmland harvest
My story goes like past time Egba people
They find succor by the strength of Olumo
Like the futajalon island of stories unheard
Mine also goes beyond what to be in poetry
Do you want to know how I fought the war
From my creator before I got my magic pen
To write poetic memory about every birthday
Do you really understand what the effort is
To write and write and never be out of words
My special kind of story is just so so magical
Larger than life Like the trip over cane island
Where many men find solace across the sea
We work through, we came through like two
Just as my story is different from your story
To know more about my own special story
Let me write you a great good talk of story
There you will know about my special story
My story is nothing but just a special story
Top Media Nigeria Poet, Hameed
© Poet, Safiu Abdulhameed