Never Give Up

poems about life/Business Insider
Mo Salah, Never Give Up/Business Insider
Look around you for the defeats and pains
Look around for the comebacks and gains
There is a great strength in every weakness
If only you know that tough time never live on
No limitation to the height you can attain
The difference is the spirit and the strength
Learning from life is key to personal growth
Never give up if you have not been kicked off
Anything can happen with an ant against a lion
Just as the rat can outrun a deadly hungry cat
If you are once bitten, don’t be down and shy
Carry on by facing life, winning is very possible
Do you have the faith, to keep alive a dead horse
Your inner power can make it work with strength
Don’t doubt it, the horse can rise up to live again
it depends on where your hope and strength lies
Failure can make you grow the strength to grow
To rise from a fall is very possible, give it the all
This is life, where the pain can change the game
This is life, where the dead can rise to live again
This is life, where the hopeless can later survive
This is life, where you cry to be back with a smile
This is life, where you hit it wrongly to be right
This is life! Defeat is not the end…Never give up
Top Media Nigeria Poet, Hameed
Abdulhameed O. Safiu
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