A responsible citizen will make a responsible leader
Just as responsible leaders make a responsible citizen
Journalism arrest now incessant in this Buhari’s regime
Rule of law now turning to rule of our so called leaders
They go about pretending to be good leaders but rulers
That is in turn a product of an egg of a controversial yoke
I wonder how my children will react about today in future
Seeing memories of news and event of this time tomorrow
I wonder what will be the fate of the Nigerian nation by then


What else do they want than war of words from the pen?
I think if journalists truly become terrorists in this country
Things will be set right the way we really want it to be
Can our policemen go after the terrorist of our democracy?
They wouldn’t want to be buried and roasted in flesh alive
Who is the mother of a cat dancing in awkward nakedness?
Even armed robbers outweighs the policy of our policemen
All they know is running after brilliant and innocent journalist
How do you want us to believe you are doing the right thing?
In a country where lies is well celebrated ahead of the truth
Where a known thief is heading the highest legislative house
Where his cohort are robbers of our national treasury all alone
Where all they fight for is about them and not the interest of all
Where the mafias in authority keep rotating our leadership posts
Where vote never counts but corruption through vote buying counts
Where journalist are labeled criminal instead of our corrupt politicians
Where are we, where is justice and equity, where is the rule of law?


History will never forget a country with brutality of the truth
Memories of those gone to the truth will be remembered always
But can we continue killing dreams all in the name of corruption
Something drastic should be done by those closer to our leaders
If not some of us will turn the pen to our own life saving missiles
Then it will be war for war, battle for battle, which is possible
Let us make it in peace, for us not to find our peace in pieces
We all need one another to make our nation a progressive state
Journalism is not a crime; it is a noble professional right
#freeTaiwoOkanlawon, He is young, vibrant and innocent
#NotTooYoungToRule, Don’t let him pay back in his own time
#ReleaseHim#BailIsFree live and let’s live!


©Copyright @ablepenpoetry

Poet, Safiu Abdulhameed

Abdulhameed Safiu


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