‘Nollywood Don’t Produce Great Movies!’

We pride ourselves as one of the biggest producers of film in the world. But how fantastic really is Nollywood?

Mundane work such as The Accidental Spy, which perhaps should have gone straight to Alaba market, got theatrical releases CREDIT: Pulse Nigeria


By: Agunbiade Gafar Olanrewaju


We know for every great movies, the foundation is always the storyline, the plot, twists, the high point and the low-point.

Nollywood produce many movies that flood the market everyday but their productions are mostly poor for its stories.

Almost all movies of Nollywood are predictable. Their predictability, judging from the trailer to the poster and the title.

Traditional movies of Nollywood are for instance. Once someone does evil, karma always pay back in full force, either by death or someone running mad.

If the stories are about love and betrayal, the betrayed always end up marrying a ‘better’ partner. And the betrayer suffers a fate of regret.

A thief always get killed, a prostitute shamed, a pompous girl grows old with regret and a prodigal son never get to return home nor gets forgiven.

Writers of Nollywood movies have no forgiveness for whatever vice they give the villain of their movie character. That writer that tend to give complexity and twisting turns about a story end up muddling it up. Thus, he produces a non-classical film.


Movies that Features in the Box office are known for its involvement with great producers and directors. These set people are full-time producers and you hardly see them feature in movies.

In Nollywood, Producers are actors and they tend to direct their script towards what they think would suit them, without any critic to constructively check their roles. They are the owner of the film so you dance to their tune.

Tunde Kelani (donning a cap) is just one of the few distinguished movie producers that exist in Nigeria CREDIT: The Nation

Nollywood needs to breed a new generation of producers that will learn from the great producers in the world like the Nolan brothers, the Russo’s Cameron and the likes of our indigenous Tunde Kelani.

If we notice some top-notch directors in Nollywood, once they direct a movie, we all talk about it in celebratory mood, forgetting their hundreds of less quality movies flooding the market nearly everyday.


If you are keen viewer of films- like me, you know how eager you always are to read the cast name at the end. You are eager, just to look at some names of the cast that really impressed and the new actors that did well on their debut.

One thing you notice about Nigerian Movie Industry is that the cast names is mostly filled with already known acts and is a repetition of these big names on the local screen.

You notice some specific name(s) with multiple roles.

The Scriptwriter is the same as the actor and still the same person as the director. He or she is as well the executive producer of the film.

You then wonder why the same person have all these roles in a single movie!


Almost all Nollywood actors over-act. Yes, almost all of them! Most of these actors go off script, or talk too much just to stress a point or make a scene unnecessarily lenghty. You don’t get to hear sarcastic talk that are very short yet apt. No cliff hanger or quotes. Even their love stories lack those words or lines you tend to write down in your jot pad.

Many people now believe comic actor, Babatunde Omidina, popularly known as Baba Suwe is becoming boring. CREDIT: nigerianfilms.com

I remember watching a local movie with friends and the film has a very funny scene that we all laughed for the very first few minutes. But the scene proceed to last for about 5 minutes and we all got bored, thus losing interest!


A Bollywood film censor certificate CREDIT: Quora

For every Bollywood movie you watch, the first thing you see is a certificate (like a page) to certify the movie have undergone series of critics and that the movie have been vetted, screened and criticized for any act that do not conform with the rules and regulation of existing law of such body.

With the slack way the National Film and Video Censors Board operate, controversial videos as Falz the Bahd Guy’s latest, ‘This is Nigeria’ will get released successfully to the public.


Agunbiade Gafar writes from Lagos, Nigeria. He is a movie enthusiast and moderate Chelsea fan.


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