Otis Charges D’Tigress To Stay Focused Ahead Of World Cup

Coach thrilled to see what players can do

New D'Tigress Head Coach, Otis Hughley excited

Newly appointed Head Coach of the Senior Women’s Basketball team, Otis Hughley has charged D’Tigress not to give in to distractions as they prepare for their first FIBA World Cup since 2006.

While addressing the team currently camped in Atlanta, Otis says with the little time left to prepare the team for the biggest stage, it is imperative that the players come together as one indivisible unit to make Nigerians happy.

“Don’t give in to those distractions because you are not going to be your best you if you do. If you are not your best you, it is a disservice to the gift God has given you. If you are not thinking about doing what it is you have been put on earth to do by representing who you are, your family and future, then you have been distracted.”

The former Golden State Warriors assistant coach express excitement over the opportunity to work with the team which he describe as “a bunch of talented professionals.”

“I am excited, I have coached a lot of players but that doesn’t matter. I can’t be more excited than I am now. While talking about this, I get chills. I drove 6 hours here.”

Otis says to achieve World Cup success, it takes the effort of everybody involved as the world needs to know the full potential of D’Tigress.

“They know you are here, they know you can play and that you are good. But they don’t know how smart you really are. And they don’t know your potentials.”

He remind the players that representing Nigeria at the World Cup is a life time experience which may not present itself again.

Therefore, he charge them to stay focused and write their names in gold as they represent the country. He advise them to provide the needed inspiration for the kids thinking of taking up basketball as a profession.

D’Tigress ecstatic

Otis remind girls they are model

Continuing, the coach states:

“You girls are trying to make a living for your family, trying to represent your country. There is another little kid somewhere in the world watching you wanting to know what they will be when they grow up. You are going to give them that information. You are going to give the world that information, they are going to know the truth about you.”

“I am really excited to see what you girls can do. And I will be more excited to see the look on the world’s face when it gets done”, Otis concludes.

Otis’ D’Tigress records first friendly win

In what seem to be a sign of good things to come, the team record their first warm-up victory in as many games against Yellow Jackets PRO by 96 points to 92 earlier today.


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