My eyes caught in amazement seeing this
How royalty is displayed wrongfully for Em
Monument of blessings abused in the open
Like a display of the gold pride at Allen spot
This treat will keep eyes open even in dreams
Breaking the back of a camel never a child’s play
Here you see gangsterism free for all in display
I remember the early days of our royal fathers
Talking drums at event not for the public scene
Except for the scene of one with the royal staff
From our elders tongue… Enikan ki ri ewu lo san
Gangan to the floor means a royal rod is around
Making it a show of regards for a royal regalia
A treat in line with our cultural Alase ikeji orisa
Today turning the game off the real prestige
When royalty value now sold out in the daylight
You will see the one for the weed on with beads spot of troop welcoming an undetained criminal
All under the shield of what should capture em’
Politics killing our dreams, messing our culture
In amazement tapping back from my line one
I see a political tool in use for money and power
Giving a treat that should be reversed to a kill
In its painful act, depicting royalty in falsehood
Military hitting the bullet up to honour thuggery
In our early days, it is a treat for royal presence
What a downward turn of time before our eyes
Our treasure sold out in the eyes of the gods…
Top Media Nigeria Poet, Hameed
Poet, Abdulhameed. O. Safiu

© 2019

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