Heavyweight champion of the world, Anthony Joshua says Alexander Povetkin is his biggest challenge in the ring since Wladimir Klitschko.

The British boxer of Nigerian descent is looking to make a sixth successful title defence after putting his reputation on the line once again, and will meet the Russian at Wembley Stadium on Saturday.

The heavyweight titans came together in London for their pre-fight conference on Thursday.

“When I look at his weight, he is one of the lighter heavyweights, he has a lot of speed and is a quick fighter. His strengths, I have worked with people who have similar strengths as well.

“I am not one to talk about fights, there was a lot of talk about the heavyweight division. Povetkin is one of my toughest challenges to date.

“He is a bad boy fighter, he knows what he is doing but that’s what you want right. Povetkin is game, he is lively. He didn’t stop against (Wladimir) Klitschko, I have to work on Saturday to win.”

Joshua joked of the sizable pay-out his opponent would be taking from the encounter, before telling Povetkin: “I hope to see you living your best life on a boat somewhere after this fight.”

Povetkin happy to fight Joshua

However, Povetkin, 39, did not shy away from the imposing figure of Joshua, and instead stressed his happiness to have the chance to share the ring with a fellow fighting machine.

“I think I am in very good shape, we have had a very good camp,” the Russian states, via a translator.

“Joshua is one of the strongest but I am very happy to be fighting him and I am looking forward to Saturday.”

Joshua last fought at Wembley when stopping Klitschko Jr. in April 2017.


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