In this age, more women in Africa are baby-mamas than they are wives. Some even have multiple children with multiple men. Indeed there are several who qualify as hoodrats—of which such outcomes are expected. However, many are quite the opposite—educated, successful, selective. Certainly, no one would classify Pero Adeniyi as a rat; yet, she has birthed three or more children out-of-wedlock.

A significant percentage of black children enter this world at a disadvantage—they are more likely to live in poverty, and more vulnerable to a life in the animal house called prison. Why? We have grown callous to subliminal media influences, fallen victim to untruths, celebrity lifestyles not worthy of emulation and our own naivety.

Today, celebs as Wizkid, Davido and Timaya are ‘proud baby daddies’. We ask some of our readers: Would you mind being a baby mama/baby papa?

Who is a baby papa? The father of a child who didn’t marry the mother of that child and with whom he is not currently in affection with.
How would I dream of associating my integrity with a woman who will not stay with me forever in matrimony? The concept of baby papa or baby mama is promoting adultery and immorality in our society. From time immemorial, the concept is the product of fornication that produces unwanted pregnancy.

Therefore, I dare not entertain any action that will promote enmity in my family – a situation whereby my son or daughter with not feel the absolute affection of his/her parents or have a son that will dispel the perfection of my home. – Kenny

By divine and natural arrangement of the unit called Family, the concept of baby mama or baby papa doesnt fit in. And if a part of a unit isn’t so complete, the functionality of such is limited. I believe so much in the Family as an institution and baby mama idea negates that belief. So many things are wrong in the society because the family as a vital unit is gradually losing its essence, morals and values. If I must raise a child, it must be within the confine of the family structure and not some relationship where the child is raised like a pet. – Samuel

Firstly, I seek for the guidance of Allah in my contribution. Islamically proven, being a baby mama or papa is not supported. Going by the meaning, it means having child(ren) for someone you are not legally or formally married to. It is nothing but adultery (Zina), which is unislamic. It is commonly practiced by those who do not fear God and who are not ready to take up responsibilities. And it happens at times by mistake – probably they just want to be having fun sexually and it eventually resulted in the pregnancy.The woman involved in this, sometimes could be a gold digger. Having observed that the man is rich, she may decide to be pregnant for him with all it takes; either ordinarily or by devilish means so as to be able to hook herself to the man’s neck.

All in all, I will advise anyone who is just willing to dwell into it or being encouraged by those already in it to snub it. And those already involved to repent because it is a sinful act. They should turn a new leaf and see if God Almighty can actually forgive them of the misdeeds they have been doing so far. These are just few reasons why people are found in it but it is not advisable for one to go into it. Even if they finally settle down as couple, the fact is it is ungodly! – Saheed

Marriage is meant for mature people, so I would prefer both parties going into marriage to be mature age-wise, then exposure-wise. Because it will help a lot as they proceed in their marriage. So I don’t subscribe to being a baby papa or baby mama. – Adeola

I’d definitely mind. I want my children born in wed lock with of course a responsible father and husband. – Ameenah

I can’t. My purpose of having children is because of sweetness of marriage, not the other way round. – Leke

Yes I do because I feel that one should keep himself undefiled until marriage along with the fact that being a baby papa can change your life unexpectedly because you were not prepared for it. – Godswill


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