Life is not a forever living place at all
The world of man is not of the whole
Take the bit and leave it like it is a bit
Sneezing through many chances on
Where I see many gone as Methuselah
The time to leave seems far but not
I am a poet now, someone was before me
Someone is also coming to be tomorrow
Our actions reverberate through our time
Our steps lead us to many uneasy road
To many life is unfair, but are we also fair
How many of us is being fair to our world
Remember, every of our steps is on record
To be played and shown to us on the later
Nothing is far, everything is just so so near
Like this year and next is before everyone
With a blink, we are just in another year
Remember… You can’t be everything
Savor your time and live a good life
Nothing is far… Methuselah was here
1000 years is nothing but a seconds!
Top Media Nigeria Poet, Hameed
Poet, Safiu Abdulhameed

©Abdulhameed Safiu

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