The roll of this ninth journey started like a warm night

Everywhere bringing heat like the hole besides an oven

Some will say it is beautiful and mighty through a thirty

Another will say, September is a birth to a count of anew

While sneaking out that night, I never knew it is this time

When a walnut changes from a brown turning off to black

Trying to make afresh like the fun from the coaster island


For all this will make Angela fights her way back to my path

We started so good, kicking a bat from the back brings aback

She said, this September will be the one to always remember

I wonder by wander turning me a wanderer, all I get is wonder

Why will she throw such joke through a bell to make me provoke

Like she rightly murmured, this will be another one to remember

A bright day, a light way, in sighting gazes through my hit hazy visage

Asking many question without a man in a mirror except my own view

Through this time from three sixty five, I need words to mend a world

Forgetting the heat under feet, losing a diamond will mean the world

From then till date, I keep thinking, what a mess it is to mess September


We begged the Queen to visit the Empire of the only powerful emir

All we keep receiving is no like punches of hands to break sedimentary

Making my heart to pick more fear like my seat is in-line with a lion’s den

What can I say? Who do I ask? What have I done? This is a daylight dream!

Every word that cross my path keeps saying September ends the world

Confusion in the air, when she finally breaks the silence through a kiss

She said through my tears; take this as my last warning about this day

From there I remember, today means her own September to remember

When she is born on September, it will be a time to always remember

Telling you with words of happy tears! It will be a September to remember


Top Media Nigeria Poet, Hameed
Poet, Safiu Abdulhameed


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