The only thing I am seeing is two eyes
Glittering in darkness like it is golden
Coming to term with lifelong philosophy
The dark is meant for secrecy and hate
Who is there, who is here, all I need is yes
The response to unravel the faces in secrecy
Only the voices can solve this puzzle of threat
In the mask of life, the wicked takes their turn
The dark is sacred, a state of hidden confusion
Where no one dare challenge the might at night
Some make it great while some kill many dreams
The dark knows not any man of pride and honor
Through nature, light is for the open world for all
Somewhere in the dark means for evil and dispute
All we do with it is pure backbite and wickedness
Not minding the result of damages seen in daylight
I owe a lot to the world with my able mighty pen
The benefits of the dark night time is so enormous
Only if we can seize the time to pass on the best
The night is sacred, I made it a pour from my pen
In the dark night time, inspirations flows like a river
Somewhere in the dark, good decisions comes alive
Somewhere in the dark,many lives been destroyed
Human in animal flesh hide their faces behind it
If only we can come back to the will of our nature
Taking lessons from the life and time of the goners
We would be grateful to the spirit of the dark night
Nothing is hidden. Darkness will later turn to day!
Top Media Nigeria Poet, Hameed
© Safiu Abdulhameed, 2019
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