We know who we are and what we do
We know the right from what is wrong
We know the worth of what works well
We are products of divinity, crafts of God
We are by nature the resemblance of him
We are next to the end of time and history
The efforts of today is the history of tomorrow
From our strength we build the courage to move
Giving hope to the hopeless makes it a good live
Outsmarting the pain of life by turning it a gain
You either die forever or live on to be here alive
Many have gone but they still live like it’s forever
What is the secret to die and live on forever?
SOW a seed, give to life to get back to live on
A seed will grow even at the point of the wave
The heavy wave that pull off the living from life
Taking us back to the beginning where we came
SOW a seed, the reward is great and rewarding
A seed give birth to another birth for more births
A seed lives on than the brain behind the sowing
A seed expands to more places to make it a life
A seed grows to blossom like the stars of nature
A seed is man, it make the world grows for long
A seed is you, it is me, it is the work of our hands
A seed means to reap… You reap what you sow

Top Media Nigeria Poet, Hameed

© Abdulhameed O. Safiu
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