The Inner Strength

poems about strength
poems about strength/Psychology Today

From within the hidden, we were birth to live alive

Through nature turn us on for the great feat ahead

We are a subject of words for now and tomorrow

Picking the pieces of what nature has for everyone

You will discover everything is just from the inside

To listen to the truth, listen to the heart of a man


Nothing drives us to greatness like the inner strength

Where the real motivation lives to change the world

For every heart is a place of love just as soul to soul

Reading through Samson story, his power was inner

That strength to go on even in the face of adversity

Carry the will; turn on the light, shine on from within


We all need to be motivated to go far the extra mile

Places where nobody expected you to go for growth

You have your destiny right there within your inner self

The inner self that truly defines the real you in you

Where the strength lies to be in charge of your world

Don’t shake, turn on the light, shine on from within


If the world says no to you, ride on their weakness

Give a sounding yes; make it your goal to go for goal

It is about you and what you have inside you to rule

Listen more, speak less, act more, go strong to grow

You will make things happen from that strength within

Nothing will stop your power to grow! It’s in you forever

Give in to the strength within… work on your inner self

You will be the champion to rule the world from within

Top Media Nigeria Poet, Hameed
Abdulhameed O. Safiu
© 2019