What are the most difficult topics for you to share with your partner? Top Media Nigeria ask readers.

In any romantic relationship, there are times when you just have to engage in a difficult conversation.

Perhaps you are worried about a particular aspect of someone’s behaviour, or want to suggest a major change to your lives together.

Whatever it is, there are a few matters that are not easy to divulge to your significant other.

It can take courage to initiate these conversations.

The best relationships or marriages are the ones where the partners are open to each other. Hiding something from your better-half can lead to resentments building up overtime, which can damage your relationship, so it is better to discuss things together before it gets to this stage.

There seem to be many trivial issues that if not adequately and well handled, they easily leave a crack in any relationship’s foundation.
For me, past or previous affairs, if any, is one topic I think requires a great deal of maturity in discussing – a situation whereby one has had several ‘pasts’. Sincerely answering this question will put in a lot train to the free-flow of communication that every relationship requires.
This is my simple opinion. – Owolabi Oluwatosin Mikail Otaobayomi

The most difficult topic for me to share with my partner is her weakness. The reason is that she is the emotional type who feels inferior to me. Anytime I try to discuss weakness she needs to correct with her, I am afraid she will take it as I am about to leave her, like I don’t find her appealing anymore. – Leke

It will be my extra-marital life (If I have any). Of course, I wouldn’t want to share such thing with her, because, I know it will hurt her. – Yusuf


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