There is strength in our national voters card
The strength to make, bless or mar the nation
With our votes, dreams will grow or go low
Be the light of change for our dear democracy
Be democratic with your decision by voting
Not just voting, guide your votes with the pledge
Remember our pledges in our national pledge
Moment of a turn for another historical turning
Moment to cast it as our civic responsibilities
Football amongst sports bound us to one in all
Election is another vibe that grows us in love
During this time we all talk tough about a voice
A single cause that makes up many courses
Where the gathering is about us and nothing
Election year, the only time we see our leaders
They move around north, east, west and South
Like the waist bead of a diva finding a moment
Like a monkey for solace from a tree to another
Like the river flow finding peace from the earth
Like a bachelor searching around for true love
Who knows if he is truthful for the love in check
Here is the deal for all… our votes is our sword
The invicible sword that kills the killer to save all
The powerful permanent voters card is the card
You know them, we know them, everyone knows
Let us make it the best for a great nation for all
With our voters card, we can achieve the best
Vote not for money but our future as a nation
The world is growing, we need more than money
A penny for today brings nothing for tomorrow
A great decision today will grow us tomorrow
Make it a great deal, we are bounded together
My decision, your decision, our decision counts
Vote for the leadership of growth for our nation
Our vote will definitely count if we all do it right
With God and our pledges… The time is now!
Top Media Nigeria Poet, Hameed
Abdulhameed O. Safiu
© 2019