So, you have been with each other for some time now and your most favourite hobby is to be with each other all the time. What is the next step then? Well, if you love and respect your parents and wish to have their blessings, you need to take their approval too. And, so you need to make sure everything goes well when you introduce your future spouse to your family. You obviously want them to like your choice as much as you do. But when is the right time to do that? Our readers bear their mind, so read on and learn from other people’s views!

Well for me, the right time to meet each other’s parents depends on both partners, whenever they think they are good to go i.e compatible with theirselves. – Precious

It’s dependent on both individuals, if they feel they are ready and also the parents are well-informed and ready to receive each other. Mutual understanding is important. – Sodiq

From my experience, I feel it’s best both parties meet their parents when they are 6 months into the relationship as there will be known faults and objections that may arise or be noticed earlier. So there won’t be cases like ‘no’ when you are feeling like the real owner of the partner in question. Then issues like ‘my parents said you are not my tribe’; ‘you are not practicing my religion’ and others won’t arise. And if parents too will consent on the basis of having “prayed over it”, then I feel the relationship is certified marriage worthy. Six months is not too early or late for a so ‘geared-towards marriage’ relationship. – Mariam

When they are ready to make everything formal. – Bimpe

Love is a permission of a will. Love is an instantaneous motion that grows between two people maturing with tune. It’s a coin which is two sideways. As things are these days, many are called, few are chosen. There are lots of ladies out there, but housewife material are few.

The right time to meet each other’s parents is when you already find that your heart-desire. You grab it and do the needful. If not, the lady or guy might be thinking otherwise, probably they are not ready for each other if the union keep counting years.

I am of the opinion that, when the two hearts understand, love each other and they are established on a business or job, be it small or big that can cater for their needs, the next line is to ask her hand out in marriage.
Rome was not built in a day. – Ibrahim

They can meet each other’s parents as soon as they are satisfied and ready to marry each other. – Toba

Alhamudulillah for the question. The two people must understand each other and be ready to settle as one. It does not have any specific duration of courtship, just good monitoring by both parents, i.e, they must know and study each other very well, they must know the wants and want nots of each other properly. This does not mean they are ready for wedding or to live together. It did not permit intercourse since Zadaki (bride price) has not been paid. If we meet our parents immediately we see each other, proper prayer will be done. If they are destined together, fine, if not, fine also. – Tosin

As soon as they can handle things on their own – financially, maritally and economically.
Also, as soon as they can learn to adapt to each other, forgive each other, submit and handle things on their own. They are good to go! – Gloria

Anyway it depends on individual perspective about taking him or her home, but I believe the best time to take him or her home is when you are very sure you have concluded within yourself to marry him or her. In most cases, when you take a guy or lady you are not willing to marry to your parents or family, it causes them more pain when eventually break-up happens. Thanks – Ojo

The best and right time is when both now agree to start the journey of life together to live as one. If you have not reached any marriage conclusion together, don’t do that. You could meet parents – not the entire family to avoid issues like someone can’t got married to someone, using the perspective of some parents into marital buildup as a case-study.

Thank you and God bless your instinct on this! – Abiodun


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