Before I do my weakened by weekend
Let me remind you, 2019 is here
Our year of another stake at the poll
Where gladiators in politics will battle
Where our PVC now the Alma mata that matters
Where the change will either be changed or not
Where the strength of Nigeria will be tested
A quick recap of what nail the poll of 2015
When the giant stride CHANGE was in the air
That word alone still lingers till this date
What a powerful word turns slogan here
Nothing gave the mandate to APC than change
Sometimes, the way you fight never matters
But the tools used in battle goes a long way
With the then CHANGE, we witnessed a change
Can we say the opposition party lacks the zeal
Less than six weeks it’s like no game plan
To unseat a lioness you have to become a lion
Where is the idea to divert the attention?
The attention attached to the word of all words
What about positive change, where is the brain?
The brain to fight with the real zeal to work
To unseat this seat, be serious with a great feat!
We need a non-weakened opposition to fight

Top Media Nigeria Poet, Hameed

By: Abdulhameed O. Safiu
© 2019
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