This Is Where We Are

This Is Where We Are
Photo Courtesy: Mother Nature Network
A writer should be encouraged to roar
Not to hunt to hurt but to do the plot
Plot of  words in praises on a good system
The system of governance that is for all
If not in totality but the interest of majority
Today, where we are is for the selected hands
They live in the ocean to serve others in drip
The served now living like the servant in service
In this state of ours, the government eats all
We are in hands of our own like living in slavery
Truly we hear the budgets but we see no nugget
A nation living in the act of misplaced priorities
When others are growing, all we do is crawling
Ancient of days living like in the womb unborn
Buying luxury instead of growing in luxuries
They know nothing about national development
Always in the game for personal development
Every opportunity the bush meat turns a hunter
Chances to grow become chances to groove
Many has written and speaking for a change
After every resolution all we see is dissolution
They keep giving us an highrise of no solution
Many dead untimely due to their own pollution
Leaving uncountables behind in that condition
Just as writing is powered by a pen of notions
We need to move from here to grow as a nation
Top Media Nigeria Poet, Hameed
© Poet, Safiu Abdulhameed